About Ron

Ron Gallen specializes in helping families and individuals sort through their difficulties in relation to money. He is especially adept at getting to the heart of the emotional matters controlling money behavior in families, and has established broad experience helping parents understand how to support their children, without enabling them.

Ron works as a financial counselor, and as a case manager. He is widely regarded as expert at sorting through and managing complex issues within families regarding addiction, mental health, treatment decisions, and the elaborate ways that money can effect all facets of the process.

Since the publication of his book, The Money Trap, Ron's practice has grown to include clients the world round--he is available to travel, and to meet the elaborate needs of families of wealth. (He is accomplished at assessing and referring clients and family members with many types of treatment/practitioners)

Ron's positive gift is for intervening upon, and stabilizing, truly difficult financial situations—and for guiding those who have lost their financial and emotional footing.